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Just Type Packages
Package JustType JustType Pro JustType Pro+
Cost/Year 69 89 109
Max. Number of Website Pages 8 20 Unlimited
Email Addresses 5 12 25
Domain (Website) Names
Registration of a .co.uk or
transfer of existing .co.uk
domain and subsequent renewals
Registration of a .com, .net, .biz.,
.info, or .org or transfer of existing
domain and subsequent renewals
Registration and Redirection of an
additional .co.uk, .com, .net, .biz.,
.info, or .org or transfer of existing
domain and subsequent renewals
Other Domains P.O.A.
Option Packs >>>
Any Option Pack can be added to any JustType Package to add advanced features to
your website and provide additional maintenance facilities.
Option Pack (more info) 1. Web Tools 2. Media 3. Advanced
Cost/Year 5 15 25
Website Analysis Tools Icon Icon Icon
Webmail Icon Icon Icon
Google Maps Icon Icon Icon
Slideshow Icon Icon Icon
Vertical News Ticker Tape Icon Icon Icon
Play Audio & Video Clips Icon Icon Icon
Advanced Input Forms Icon Icon Icon
Sub-menu Navigation Icon Icon Icon
Booking Availability Calendar Icon Icon Icon
HTML Tag Control Icon Icon Icon
FTP Access for Website Upload Icon Icon Icon
For detailed information on each of the options please visit the Options page.
Upgrading to additional JustType Packages or adding Option Packs can be done at any time.
The additional cost will be calculated based on the number of months remaining in your
current subscription year.
Pro-Build/Pro-Build+ Design Services >>>
Our professional design services are based on a single one-off fee.
For detailed information on these services please visit the Design Services page.
Starter Website Setup 75
Existing Website Migration 150
Complete Website Setup 250
Personal Masthead Design 75
Image Preparation (for up to 10 images) 50
Maintenance Services >>>
These simple low cost options, which can be ordered at any time, allow us to maintain
your website for you. Please visit our Maintenance Services page for more information.
Pro-Build+ Annual Maintenance Service 50/year
Changes to existing webpages 15/page
Adding new webpages 40/page
Image preparation 7.50/image
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