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How to Build a JustType Website

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Even though JustType is capable of creating comprehensive multi-page sites with advanced features such as used on this website, small businesses and organisations typically only require a 4 to 8 page brochure style website.

To demonstrate how a professional website of this style can be created with the standard JustType package, priced at just £69/year, we have created JustPix.

JustPix is a small 7-page website that showcases JustType’s basic features at the same time providing an invaluable resource to help you prepare digital photographs for use on your website. JustPix uses a standard library masthead and colour scheme and uses no Option Packs or advanced features.

Visit JustPix Website >>>

JustType websites are built and maintained with a web browser using JustType Tools™, our on-line Administration Centre.

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Your JustType website will consist of a number of webpages (up to 8 with the standard JustType package) that contain the information you want to present to your visitors. The design of your website is determined by your choice of layout, colour scheme and masthead. Find out more about Layouts, Colour Schemes and Mastheads >>>

Each webpage is given a name which appears on the navigation menu.

At the top of each webpage, below the Masthead and Banner picture, is an area called the Header, which is available on all webpages on your site. The Header typically acts as an introduction to the webpage and can consist of any or all of the following:

- Headline
- Heading
- Text (Either paragraph text, bullet points or a numbered list)
- Photograph
- Link to another page or an external website

The webpage Content then follows the Header. The Content is dependent on the page type selected. The available page types are (click for further information):

Brochure - for general text and images >>>

When you have created a new webpage or updated existing pages you can preview them before publishing to your live website.

We are confident that the basic JustType packages will be suitable for the majority of businesses, clubs and societies. However, if you require more advanced features then there are a number of Option Packs available - please visit the Pricing and Options pages for more information.

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