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Website Maintenance - £50+vat per year
If you want the Pro-Build+ package, which provides you with a complete managed service, simply choose which Website Setup service you require and the Annual Maintenance Service (see below) when you sign-up.

Even though JustTypeTools™ Administration Centre allows you to easily update your website at any time, we know that many people are just too busy to find the time and just want someone else to maintain their website for them. So we have created some simple low-cost options that ensure your website can be updated at any time by our in-house design professionals.

Annual Maintenance Service: £50+vat/year

For complete peace of mind and great value, take out this yearly maintenance plan when you sign-up for your JustType website. The service provides unlimited minor alterations to your existing webpages, including changes to text and inserting new pictures. This service doesn’t include the addition of new webpages. These can be added as required using the Pay As You Go prices below.

Pay As You Go Updates:

These options can be ordered at any time and will allow us to update your website for you, from your supplied changes and/or new material.

Option 1: Changes to your existing JustType webpages - £15+vat per page

Option 2: Adding new webpages to your JustType website - £40+vat per page
Note: Options 1 & 2 do not include image preparation.

Option 3: Image preparation - £7.50+vat per image (£5+vat per image for 10+ images)
(Image preparation can include as required; colour & contrast adjustment, cropping and re-sizing)

To order please complete the form below and click the ‘Order’ button at the bottom. We will then contact you to discuss your requirements for the update.

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